There are no totally free websites:

 Let the buyer beware, there is always a catch. People that build free websites do not work for free. Either they charge for hosting or there are intrusive ads placed on your site. Some build a limited site and up-charge for upgrades. How much is your time worth? Do you want to spend that time building a website or making money at what you do. You can have an assistant or intern build the site but do you want them making decisions on where and how to host it? Will you settle for a site from a template or do you want something completely custom built to your requirements?




All pricing is done by quotation as all designs are unique and are customer specific. We endeavor to keep pricing moderate while delivering elegant and effective web design. Small websites from 1 to 4 pages start at $1000.00. Included in the price is: Page design and layout.



  • Registration of Domain name.
  • Site setup on Host server.
  • E-mail with your domain name.
  • Logo design
  • Page layout for tablets and cell phones.


Maintenance fees start at $60.00 per month with one year contract for small sites of up to 4 pages with minor changes.

The fee includes:

  • Basic Search Engine Optimization.
  • Minor changes to static pages.
  • E-mail changes and additions.


Discounts for charitable Organizations.

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